Version 2.0 of RCommon.

A cohesive set of infrastructure libraries for .NET 6, 7, and 8. This major release represents a major overhaul to the RCommon library which stem from more than 14 years of architectural improvements to the .NET ecosystem. Though many of the previous libraries are fully intact, their dependency injection interfaces have changed fairly substantially.

Release Notes

  • .NET 6, 7, 8+ Support

  • Simplified Dependency Injection API

  • Redesigned Unit of Work

  • Mediator Pattern

    • Decoupled MediatR implementation and added abstractions for the mediator pattern

    • Added MediatR implementation using new abstractions

  • CQRS Pattern (New)

    • Commands & Command Handlers

    • Queries & Query Handlers

  • Validation (New)

    • FluentValidation (New)

    • Validation on Command/Query Handlers

    • Validation through Mediator pipeline

  • Event Handling & Messaging

    • In Memory Event Bus (New)

    • Event Producing/Subscribing: MassTransit (Enhanced)

    • Event Producing/Subscribing: Wolverine (New)

    • Event Producing/Subscribing: MediatR (New)

  • More comprehensive persistence infrastructure

  • Improved Unit Testing Foundation

  • Examples


We will support this version as long as .NET 6, 7, and 8 supports the dependency libraries.

Breaking Changes

  • Dependency injection interface has been entirely re-written.

  • Various Namespace updates

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