SendGrid Email API

Sending email through the SendGrid API with RCommon

SendGrid is one of the most popular ways to send email these days. RCommon provides a simple interface to the SendGrid API.


    .WithSendGridEmailServices(settings =>
        settings.SendGridApiKey = "apiKey";
        settings.FromNameDefault = "test system";
        settings.FromEmailDefault = "";


public class MyService
    private readonly IEmailService _emailService;
    private readonly SendGridEmailSettings _settings;
    public MyService(IEmailService emailService, 
        IOptions<SendGridEmailSettings> settings)
        _emailService = emailService;
        _settings = settings.Value;
    public async Task SendNotification(string to, string subject, string body)
        var email = new MailMessage(new MailAddress(this._settings.FromEmailDefault, 
            new MailAddress(to))
            Body = body,
            Subject = subject
        await _emailService.SendEmailAsync(email);

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